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Sports Pregame Testing

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Pre-vaccination Testing

Pre-vaccination Testing

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Private Event Testing

Lightspeed Testing now offers ultra-rapid PCR testing with results in 30 minutes! This testing is acceptable almost anywhere worldwide (except for Hawaii). Cost is a low $99 testing fee, in addition to insurance.

Our rapid COVID-19 testing can get results within minutes.  Our antigen tests are fast, easy, and FREE to you, and can rapidly identify contagious individuals without delay. Our PCR tests result in minutes, rather than days, and our testing fees are far lower than the competition — perfect for travel testing!

If someone tests positive, we can confirm with an immediate nucleic acid amplification (NAA) test – so no one needs to isolate unnecessarily. We can also screen for high-risk conditions, and refer eligible people for advanced therapies.

We can bring our team to you for:

  • Travel testing
  • Private events
  • Corporate events
  • Workplace testing
  • Theaters and performances
  • Sports/pregame testing
  • Audience/spectator testing
  • Church testing
  • Pre-vaccination testing

We can bring

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Our flexibility lets us bring testing right to your event, workplace, or practice field; and our speed means that people can get tested without long waits.